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Waking up to Sunday morning everyday

Sunday mornings are relaxing, comfortable, and hopeful.

They bring smiles and are always welcomed. Your home should feel the same.

Meaningful design

Meaningful design

No over-design.

Let's only make what we need beautiful.

Specialising in city apartments, we reimagine small spaces with function and thoughtful design so you can move through your daily routines with ease and comfort, without sacrificing style.

We take steps to understand your needs and habits to create a home that maximises enjoyment.  

What is Sonntag Morgen

Why Sonntagmorgen

It's a lifestyle well-designed, so you can live well.

Smooth Execution

Project Management

Renovation can be an improvement of your environment or the beginning of a new life chapter. However, the coordination between lighting, cabinets and other various installations can be overwhelming. Project Management is in the core of Sonntagmorgen and we will take care of your new home project so there will be no interruption to your everyday routine.

Small is (& can be) Beautiful

Thoughtful Space Planning

The concept of comfortable living is simple - everything has its own place and is easy to find. Life becomes effortless and your heart opens up to peace and relaxation.

We design customised cabinetry and storage according to your needs, maximising function so you can do everything from making gourmet meals to having designated areas for even sunglasses, umbrellas or your dog's toys. 

It's All in the Details

Harmonizing Elements

Wallpaper or paint? Fabric or leather? Brown or taupe? Colour, material and pattern can drastically transform the look and feel of a room, but making these decisions can be tedious.


We hand pick your ideal furnishing, and ensure every minor detail down to the selection of cushions, bathroom mats or silverware comes together seamlessly and stylistically.   


To realise the best version of your home, we can manage your renovation, source unique pieces of art and decor, as well as organise your cabinets and closets. You can walk in to your home with no sweat and only style.

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Niedernhausener Straße, Frankfurt am Main

0170 9680 443 (English)

0151 4191 6742 (Deutsch)

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